Vitariz Rice Milk Fans Worldwide

vitariz rice milk

Here is some of the latest fan mail we received from Vitariz rice milk lovers from all across the world.

First, people who are lucky enough to find Vitariz in stores nearby

I love this rice almond milk and I think many others would too! I know it could help a lot of people stop drinking cow milk.

Ladina, Malaga, ES

I have never been a latte coffee drinker, but since the day I discovered Vitariz almond rice milk I became addicted! I just love my cappuccinos with Vitariz!.

Everett, Birmingham, UK

I have tried all other brands- Alpro, Rice dream, The bridge, Isola…but always come back to Vitariz, it just tastes better!

Dorit, Binyamina, IL
Vitariz rice milk fan drinking coffee
One of our Vitariz rice milk fans

Here are some unfortunate folks stuck without a supplier )-:

 Hello I would like to buy some of your tasty Vitariz rice milk, could you please let me know where can I get them in Nederland? Thank you !

Kris, Nijmegen, NL

Hi, I’m addicted to your almond milk and I recently moved to Cyprus and I can not find it in a store. Do you market to Cyprus?

Jennie, Limassol, CY

Where can I find Vitariz almond flavor rice milk in the United States? Thank you!

Guy, Massachusetts, US


I’m living in Melbourne and I can’t find the Rice Almond milk or any of your milk. Do you guys sell it in Australia? or Melbourne? Thank you.

Maya, Victoria, AU

Have a Vitariz story to share with us as well?

Write to and we’d happily listen!

One thought on “Vitariz Rice Milk Fans Worldwide

  1. You should add a picture of the nutritional info on the Side of the box on your web site ( for each drink ) . I have tasted one of your product for the first time yesterday and when i have looked at the nutritional info on side of the box WOW ! What agreat surprise , i did liked what i saw . And already today i am suggesting your products to a family member . The hazelnut drink is my favorite as of now .


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