Is there Vitariz Rice Almond Milk in the US at all?

Order rice almond milk

When we were visiting the family last summer, mainly PA, NJ and NY I couldn’t find my favorite non dairy milk anywhere. There were so many other alternatives that I figured I’m bound to find something decent. After trying out almost everything “Whole Foods” had to offer I was surprised they were all sub-par. Funny thing is that only whatever kind WaWa was serving was actually the least worse kind.

Getting Vitariz almond rice milk to US health food markets

So here’s an open call to all of my US (and let’s throw in Canada while we at it) friends. Please comment where the heck you find your yummy vitariz rice almond milk at? is it online or a physical store? hopefully we can build an index together so other people can find too. Please also specify price and if there’s a special deal on a 10 unit box, variations of flavor etc.

Are you a health food importer yourself? great, please contact us here and we’ll try to work out a plan together.

I buy mine in various locations, as the village I live at (Pardes Hana Karkur) is kind of the holy center of vegan life in Israel, and the competition brings the price down to about 2.85$ per unit!

5 thoughts on “Is there Vitariz Rice Almond Milk in the US at all?

  1. Wow, I just tried to research VitaRiz in the U.S. because I bought a carton of almond milk while in israel because I heard it’s the best best best! And it is! But I only brought one carton sadly because, who knew and also, it was heavy 😂

    So I found your blog, and you’re from Israel. Wow hilarious. In the US I’ve loved a macadamia milk called Milkadamia. It’s available on amazon and I’ve also found it at Home Goods. Otherwise believe it or not Blue Diamond original unsweetened is what I buy when in a hurry. I’ve heard it froths too if you like that.

    I know it’s late to comment, but your blog came up so, here I am! Happy hunting. Hope life is treating you well.


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