Why doesn’t Alinor want to sell Vitariz rice milk in more countries?

new vitariz rice milk branding

This blog owner is quite puzzled.

Every week I receive several inquiries from desperate non-dairy milk consumers who got hooked to Vitariz rice-almond milk and relocated and can’t find their beloved brand in their new location. I forward these to export@alinor.it and never get a reply.

That might be understandable. As a manufacturer, based on an old school family agriculture business, Alinor might not have the business tools and wisdom to deal with the huge growth in demand for both their and their competitors’ products. They can’t act upon every whim or outcry from a specific consumer in the US, Australia, South Africa, Cyprus or China.

But even more puzzling is the fact this website gets inquiries from big time importers and distributors every week, asking for price quotes and terms to exclusively import Vitariz brand products to their market. And yes, even those inquiries are met with a complete disregard by Alinor, specifically one Mrs. Paola.

What could be the reasoning behind this behavior by Alinor?

I’ve discussed this with several of my colleagues. You see, I have been working in digital marketing for over 12 years now, both for B2B and B2C global brands, so for us marketeers, such leads as described above are priceless. Here were some of the theories they came up with:

  • They are afraid I’m scamming them – this one might be justified given the nature of the web, however I never requested anything upfront for the amazing leads I was willing to deliver them.
  • The Vitariz brand is old and their trying to move on from it – this can be quite evident when you look at their Instagram profile . But why would they? based on the traffic I get to this blog and Google search trends, the Vitariz rice milk brand is alive and kicking, and is very much coveted in high grossing markets.
  • The Italian mentality – this might be a little bit unfair, but basically even my Italian colleagues explained to me that Italian businesses operate differently. They want to go home at 16:00, sip a nice macchiato and will not aggressively pursue every chance to grow the business, especially if it requires them to work harder.

The future of Vitariz rice milk blog

Whatever the reason may be, it’s been 7 years here at Vitariz.com and Alinor hasn’t both its potential as a brand website and the risk of having it available on the open market. I have already entertained offers from The Bridge, Alpro, Rice Dream, & Oatley to sell this domain and the reason I haven’t done so yet is my love for Vitariz milk and the hope that one day it could bring some value to the people who make it.

P.S, I’ve lately learned that the food distribution giant, Diplomat Global (covering 5 countries and 125 global brands such as Kellogg’s, Heinz, Milka, Pringles) is looking to make a major move and add Vitariz rice milk products to its portfolio (and bypassing the current and terrible naturafood company in Israel) so that might be some good news to the consumers in the countries Diplomat deals with.

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