The Shake

Healthy green shake fruits with rice almond milk

The idea for this shake was given to me by the excellent nutrition Mrs. Amanda Fine.

It usually keeps me pretty full and energetic for at least 4 hours.


1/2 cup Vitariz rice almond milk

1 Banana

1/2 Green/Yellow Apple

4-5 Cashews

10 Goji berries

1 table spoon Chia seeds

2 celery stalks (with the leaves)

2 dates or 1 Tablespoon of date honey syrup

1 table spoon coconut flakes (or fresh if you got one)

A dash of  high quality Coco or Maca powder

Blender everything until you’ve reached your desired texture.

Some of you might feel it’s too sweet, and I guess you can add stuff like Spirulina and more greens to make it even healthier, but I look at it as a treat also and not just a dietary   thing.





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