Delicious Oatmeal

vitariz rice milk recipe

This one is really easy…

You can use oats if you’d like, in theory they are gluten free. Why in theory? that’s because most of the commercial brands you’ll find are susceptible to contamination. They share assembly lines with gluten rich products such as wheat etc and the result is you get oats with traces of gluten from other sources. So if it’s just a diet thing, no worries. But if you or your child is really sensitive you should seek pure organic oats only for this recipe!

Ingredients for yummy almond rice mil oatmeal:


1/2 cup oats *

1 cup Vitariz rice almond milk

1 tablespoon date honey or maple syrup (or both for extra rich sweet flavour!)

dash of cinnamon

Teaspoon of almond paste

Extras for energy and nutrition boost – Chia seeds, Maca root powder and any other ingredient that seems to blend in nicely.


I like to first add 1/2 of the Vitariz almond rice milk and and slowly stir the oats and the rest of the recipe. By letting it simmer but not fully boil you get the desired emulsion effect that will make the texture perfect.

Overall process shouldn’t take more than 2 minutes! This makes it the perfect breakfast winter meal.

You can reheat leftovers after storing them in the fridge up ’till Two days by simply adding a few more spoons of Vitariz rice milk and cooking it again.

* I recommend also trying this with Millet though cooking time is longer.

Vegan Ice cream based on Vitariz Milk

vitariz rice almond milk ice cream

Okay not technically Ice cream but somewhere between a Sorbet and A smoothie, without all of the guilt and trash that goes into the original grown up baby food.


1 cup Vitariz rice almond milk

1/2 cup coconut cream

1 subject flavor – can be a cup of fresh/frozen tropical fruit like Mango/Pineapple or you can go a different route with a wholesome spread such as natural organic peanut butter (4 table spoons) or Tahini (3 table spoons) or even organic quality cocoa powder (4 tea spoons, you’ll need to sweeten a bit more for this to work).

Something to sweeten it (just a bit) – Maple (real, not syrup!), Date honey. Also works great with Agave syrup. When using a liquid sweetener it is advised to subtract the amount from the other liquids (rice milk).

1 table spoon of surprises and extras – depending on flavor can add chopped slightly roasted peanuts, coconut flakes, berries, Chia seeds etc.

Use blender to mix everything until smooth, except for the extras (stir them in later)

Place in freezer and take it out to be mixed again twice more in the next 24 hours. You can use a muffin silicone tray or ice cube trays.

Obviously an Ice cream machine would get the best results in terms of texture but even without one you can let it thaw for a few minutes before serving.


The Shake

Healthy green shake fruits with rice almond milk

The idea for this shake was given to me by the excellent nutrition Mrs. Amanda Fine.

It usually keeps me pretty full and energetic for at least 4 hours.


1/2 cup Vitariz rice almond milk

1 Banana

1/2 Green/Yellow Apple

4-5 Cashews

10 Goji berries

1 table spoon Chia seeds

2 celery stalks (with the leaves)

2 dates or 1 Tablespoon of date honey syrup

1 table spoon coconut flakes (or fresh if you got one)

A dash of  high quality Coco or Maca powder

Blender everything until you’ve reached your desired texture.

Some of you might feel it’s too sweet, and I guess you can add stuff like Spirulina and more greens to make it even healthier, but I look at it as a treat also and not just a dietary   thing.