More than rice almond milk

Vitariz rice almond milk products

How about our other rice milk products?

You probably got to this website because of the rice almond milk flavor, haven’t you?!

Made of 100% organic Italian rice, it is in a league of its own among non-dairy milk products. Vitariz beverages are a delicious choice for anyone, especially for vegans and vegetarians that care about their own health and the environment.

Vitariz offers no less than a total of 7 different flavors and a total of 13 different none-dairy milk products for your family to enjoy. Try all tastes and choose your favorite one!

1000ml pack flavors

  • Natural flavor rice milk
  • Calcium enriched rice milk
  • Almond flavor (our top-seller!)
  • Hazelnut – a twist of nuttiness!
  • Cocoa – for a tasty treat kids love
  • Coconut – the exotic flavor

200ml pack flavors

  • Natural flavor rice milk
  • Almond flavor (your savior to-go)
  • Tumeric flavor – A curcuma health blast!
Vitariz rice almond milk products
Vitariz rice milk product family

Why choose Vitariz rice almond milk?

All the above are cholesterol-free (important for a healthy cardiovascular system) and low in salt. Naturally, rice is gluten-free so that is also very helpful for many people who are sensitive. Vitariz replaces regular cow’s milk in all of its popular uses: Adding it to coffee or tea, pouring it on cereals, blending it in healthy shakes, using it for cooking oatmeal and other health food recipes … and of course, there is nothing better than a nice fresh glass of nutritious Vitariz milk!

Cooking with Vitariz rice milk

When it comes to cooking with none-dairy rice milk, we’ve provided our customers with 2 natural flavored variations of our rice milk. The rice bechamel and rice cuisine products. Perfect for pasta dishes, stir fried vegetarian dishes and more!

Last but not least, our popular Cocoa and Vanilla flavored rice desserts. A healthy and delicious lactose free desert option for all ages!

6 thoughts on “More than rice almond milk

  1. Hello!
    does vanilla rice dessert contain fructose? what is corn syrup made of? From fructose? Unfortunately, I am fructose sensitive, thanks


    1. high-fructose corn syrup is made from corn milled into corn starch, then processed into syrup that consists almost entirely of glucose. Enzymes then convert the glucose into fructose, extremely water-soluble sugar that can be found in many sodas and processed foods.


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